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MAAG Gear Measuring Machine

Upon the variety of possible deviations on gear geometric the testing of gears covers generally many procedures. However, there are no needs to measure always all defined deviations i.e. index, pitch, profile, lead, thickness, surface, simple- and double flank composite errors. It is well known, that some deviations sources out from tooling machine itself and are known. Furthermore a measuring may replace other ones or at least reduce such heavily!

MAAG Zahnräder AG Zurich had manufactured high quality gear measuring machines and - equipment as for example involute profile measuring system ES-430 with processing control as well as the gear measuring machines of the SP- and PH- lines for measuring and recording profile, lead and surface of flanks of helical and spur gears. Furthermore, gear pitch tester with process computer, diagram recorder and -printer ES-401, the double flank composite error tester of DAS-lines and the pitch measuring devices TML, TMC and TMI for the measuring of internal and external toothing!

Spare parts and accessories for any MAAG - gear measuring machine are available at GSM Gear Spares & Maintenance Ltd. as new/unused (out of ex stock from MAAG Zahnräder AG Zurich!) or used/reconditioned. Spare parts and accessories which are presently not available on stock, shall be remanufactured upon customers purchase order!

Please request for quotation. We shall be pleased to serve you by a spare parts list particularly for your machine.

IMPORTANT: To ensure correct delivery, requests for quotations & purchase orders must state serial no of machine!

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